Yosi Saffi Levy

Yosi Saffi Levy - Singer On The Floor
Guitarist Yosi Saffi Levy

Yosi (Yossi) Levy, is an accomplished guitarist, song writer, singer, and the heart of the Sabras band. He grew up in Haifa, Israel and started to perform when he was only a teenager.

With so much experience behind him he is one of the most requested Jewish Israeli singers in southern California.

Yosi is also a virtuoso on the acoustic and the electric guitar, playing different styles from flamenco to Rock `n Roll.

He sings as many as fifteen languages. With his talent and sense of humor, he helps to break the ice in any performance and turn it into a great success.

Yosi has been bringing parties to life with his energy, style and charisma, often singing and dancing among the guests. He also involves the audience by teaching Israeli folk dances as well as some popular international & Israeli dances.

Listen to Yosi's guitar playing

Yosi Levy - also spells yosi levi, Yossi Levy, yossi levi.

Los Angeles, California
Tel (818) 706-8765